jeremy, sorry but comparing AAA ,a penny stock company ,to large well known corporations advertising is perhaps not the most appropriate.  When you see a commercial on TV it is clear that the company is paying for it. At first glance on a stock promo website like it looks like they may be independant of the company, that is until one reads the fine print. The interview you posted is a good illustration of how they try to come off as professional analysts who want to appear independant of the companies they cover. How 'bout that UBIKA Top 30 list that gets posted from time to time? Wonder how they come up with the company names they do for that list. Paid to be on a top 30 list is a bit amateurish, don't ya think.

  Allana may be discounted because of location but we also haven't really proven anything yet. If we have what it takes to get to production and make a profit then location will matter little in the end. I would suggest "sitting there and doing nothing" instead of having to take the route of paid pumpers. For god sake we have the IFC and Liberty behind us. Do you honestly believe that we need to pay stock promoters on the internet to get attention. If it is institutional we want then why pander to retail and traders?