jeremy, I am not so sure you are dreaming. Argentina has been agressive lately in their relations with big development companies regarding permits and development costs. Barrick & Goldcorp have run into huge overruns (in the billions) in their gold project  high in the Andies. Other projects face large backlashes in permitting new mines regarding runoff into the valleys wine areas. Australia has increased taxes so much that BHP is reducing spending plans in the billions.  Equador, Columbia, etc take over any large discovery in their little part of the world. Expect a mining slowdown in Quebec. The oilsands may expect a major slowdown in the billions if export pipelines are not quickly negociated. I have also stated many times, in my opinion, no big project in Sask regarding potash will go ahead  to compete with the cartel without serious negociation on thie subject. My read is that, as in the above mentioned examples, Sask premier Wall holds the trump card, which is or could be taxing powers.

These multi-billion delayed projects leave the majors with delayed plans, therefore looking to fill the spending gap in the shorttime. Which brings us to the present. My guess is that Vale has positioned itself to work with Allana in the short time, with a strong possibility of a takeover as our project is derisked. I also feel AB has developed backup plans to speed up the process and get fair market value for shareholders. I am holding and adding to my share holdings as we progress and obviously feel we are heading in the right direction.

Good luck longs