do realize that downside price action (a lower consecutive close) with increasing volume is technically not a good thing and yet you perceive this as a positive? Your data does not support your argument. If you are going to go all technical on least do it right. By the way ...was that break of the downtrend line the break of the first, second or third fan line? Which would you be buying at?

Date       Open     High    Low   Close   Vol

Jan 9       .61          .61       .55      .55      709,000

Jan 10    .56          .56       .51      .52     3,163,000


I would have suggested the following technical argument which is at leat a little longer term in nature (support at the 200 day moving average)...more appropriate for junior stocks...or any stock for that matter and one of the very few that I will use along with my fundamentals.