"Where did you hear that Liberty will do all the equity share of the financing?"

I didn't. Perhaps I should have used the term......"it is my opinion", instead of......"it is my understanding". :)


"I hope you have not invested in AAA on the belief that that sort of financing is a sure thing."

:) I guess you have mistaken me for a 20 year old and new to the junior resource markets. No sdomae, I invest based on a risk/reward factor, with the realization that even signed contracts can fall afart.....let alone proposed deals.


"I'm also surprised that you didn't know about the two equity investments already made by the IFC."

I am just starting now to continue my due diligence one year out and older. But once again, I do thank you for your assistance in bringing me quickly up to speed. Many of you guys have a couple years of understanding over my one week. :)