" Mylar there is nothing I hate worse than an xxxhole that laughs and makes jokes about some other peoples misfortunes. Most people look at disasters as misfortunes. Do you laugh and make jokes about them. In my books losing money in the markets is a misfortune and really not that funny. I can speak from experience so go elsewhere to find your humour as I know everyone here hates a sarcastic remark with the addition of a grin."


firebug, there is nothing I hate worse than some self appointed, self righteous, xxxxhole who fancies himself the board policeman! :-) stocky lost nothing!! By his own admission he is in at 19 cents. That means he is and was up money!! How do you equate losing money in the market with any kind of disaster? You should NEVER be in the market with money that you cannot afford to lose! If you are I feel sorry for you and you really need counselling as you are on the road to personal disaster!

PS If you take everyone one on here on "face" value you are a bigger fool than I first thought because there are so many liars on these boards that it may defy counting!