I don't know if one is more dangerous than the other, I guess it depends on the outcome. Which is worse, missing out on a 10x if this goes to $5 or losing 75% of your money if you bought at $2. In the former you might never see a possible 10x stock again(not to say it gets there but that's the pumper position, and mine). In the latter losing 75% hurts bigtime but the loss is similar for all penny stocks, but unless you believe this stock is irrevokablely broken(the basher position) then you will get your money back plus more. If this goes to zero then the pumpers are the villians, but my view is they have their own money on the line so they suffer too. I don't have a problem with long term optomists who share their enthusiasm and are willing to ride it out, just as I don't have a problem with bashers who have been burned in the markets and are warning people about bad management. The ones I have a problem are the pumpers looking to unload their shares by creating a false sense of promise or the bashers looking to buy in by creating an air of panic.

If you're looking for me to slam the Stag then I must disappoint you, as he may be guilty of bad timing by not selling at $2, but he is still here holding out hope.