To those watching this board for info on AAA here's a tip. Stagstar will do and say anything for his beloved AAA. There are many longs here that believe in the project but because Stagstar keeps touting his prowess (account he's so far underwater and most here know that). They are not against AAA per se' but just keep bugging him to drive him crazy. He is jealous of everyone for the most childish reasons. Rather than paying attention to possibly increase his odds; he already knows everything and has all the answers. Just ask him. Thus he jeers at everyone which invites taunt upon taunt. He's jealous if someone might be able to determine better buy-in timing than his brainwave idea of averaging down. Winners average up period. He's jealous of posters ratings, he's just plain jealous of everything. Iggy whackjobs but don't complain about the board content. Thats entirely up to the viewer.

Gaggersez - Cheers :-)