It's a good question BUT, it's gonna come down to supply & demand.

Farhad plays the political game very well - A MASTER NEGOTIATOR.

Right now he's looking for buyers/funding support via off-take agreements. He's not only looking for short-term funding but also long-term commitments.

He must be careful not to irritate the cartels (Canpotex et al) cuz we're still a small fish in a big pond. So, it's a balancing act he has to play.

Farhad's the type of guy that plays a great game of poker - gets his hand in at the right time & goes for the jugular. He's very strategical & methodical - works his aces (partners) well & when he needs them, goes for the kill.

He's also a master of timing - where timing is everything.

Let's sit back & watch him work - I have a lot of confidence & respect for him.

All this IMO - very confident in his own abilities & his team.