The water news was actually very significant as we did not know exactly how much and at what recharge rates.. The difference is mining 1 million tonnes per year maximum to 2-3 that we now know is very feasable. Also, we may be able to sell water to yara which would make this play extremely profitable. This is actually huge news. 2-3 million tonnes would decrease our opex significantly, it puts us at a larger takout target as there is more "skin in the game" as majors don't really want to take over a project at just 1 million, but ones that are more significant like the 3 million. And, we didn't even start with SOP production. It gets us a larger bargaining chip with getting rail, as it is now definately economical to build a rail system with 2-3 million per year. I believe that at 3 million tonnes per year, our opex would probably be in the range of 40-50$ per tonne, maybe even less, and if we could sell the water to yara at 10-20$ per tonne extracted, we would be laughing. THIS IS HUGE NEWS, I think more significant than people think on the surface. (and my estimate of 40-50 per tonne is assumed with rail transportation.