Good comments stag.....Regarding your last comment....

My biggest concern is an unsolicited buy-out. This project is moving along nicely and there is clearly money to be made but someone may try to steal it at bargain prices. The only saviour in this to protect the small investor is the blocs of shares held by Liberty, IFC, et al as their cost/share is considerably more than current market - I doubt they would entertain a "stink" bid to take out the company (I hope).

Correct me if I am wrong but...your concern should be mitigated by the fact we "old" shareholders still enjoy the option of the "poison pill" plan that management instituted/adopted two years ago.  Remember, if a low ball offer comes in, the "pill" could  kick in and shareholders of that record date in September, 2010 may take the opportunity to double their holdings for cheap if you still own the same shares you held  pre September , 2010.  



AAA  long and strong......or to buy-out!!