ummmmm yes. Look at all of the news articles with the Massive investments made by china especially into that country, and Ethiopia. This country is one of the most stable in africa, and getting more credit each and every day.. Oh ya, didn't Yara make a major step right beside us? oh yes, yes they did, the biggest fertilizer company in the world. Ya, that's totally unattractive. Same with strategics like the world bank and the Liberty metals and mining.. also the insider buying.. all bad news. Tell me this if this is good economics... 3.25 BILLION a payback of 6.5 years, and an internal rate of return of 10%. That's what CUU offers. WOW!!. compare that with 650-800 million, not including strategics that are willing to up their stakes proportionately, so some of that is covered... and an IRR of 35% about? and a payback of 3 years and change. oh, that is with a major discount of 12-15% i think , but CUU uses 8% discount. Its pretty bad when markets are this tight, and the feasability study experts recommend that CUU ups its Capex 20% to increase input of 30% just to try and make a profit. In summary, The Feasability in my opinion of CUU is a disaster,(high risk). everything has to work like clockwork with no surprises in order to make any money. I would get out, and get out now If you were wanting to make a play at this, wait till it gets to .30 cents or so, maybe a major wil buy it for cheap and put it away for a while until copper prices move up. To come to think of it, you might be able to get in much cheaper..