In fairness I should point out that POT has a stake in Sinofert so why not give them a break, rght?


Sinofert Holdings Limited (Sinofert)

Sinofert is the largest fertilizer importer and distributor in China, supplying about half of the world’s largest fertilizer market. Most of the company’s earnings are attributable to importing and selling potash.

Sinofert owns about 18.5 percent of Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Company, China’s largest potash producer, and distributes more than half its 2.2 million tonnes of annual production.

PotashCorp owns 22 percent of Sinofert and appoints two of the company’s eight board seats. At 53 percent, Sinochem is the company’s largest shareholder. A 25 percent public float is also traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the symbol 297 HK.