"Gag her sez"....in reply to your post....I have no problem in looking at alternative view points when it comes to making money. In fact I have looked at them all and studied them quite closely over my many years of managing money professionally. I am open to whatever one thinks gives you an edge. What I find offensive as many others would agree, is when one puts forward a line of thought, presents it as if it is the font of all knowledge and does so to make one appear smarter than others. Most with a little experience can see through that  bravura quite easily and frankly, it looks very bad on the individual. What respect one might be trying to obtain is unfortunately lost. Technical analysis has its limited place but it is used by many like Coles notes prior to writing a Physics exam. To the unitiated, TA appears to be a quick way to learning about managing investments without having to do the hard work. Nothing could be further from the truth. The simple fact is that there is no mathematical evidence to prove that it has ever worked. A little bit of knowledge is always dangerous. Glad you finally bought into Allana...I won't bust your chops anymore. I think you've toned down your rhetoric. Hope we can all make lots of money going forward.