secured the services of such a high profile IR/Capital Markets Advisory firm such as Spinnaker. We look forward to this partnership and working towards maximizing shareholder value over the life of our project"

Reading the above statement and accepting it at face value is not DD. It is gullibleness. Below is Spinnakers reply. No comment was made on SOFT commitments but Spin will now advise on new capital.
" We are delighted to have been selected as their capital markets and investor relations advisors and look forward to a long and successful relationship," said Kevin O'Connor, Partner at Spinnaker Capital Markets."
Compare the statements. Spin says selected; FA says secured. Spin says relationship; FA says partnership. Should a working relationship be considered as a partnership? Possibly; but only from a moral standpoint and depending on the intended Spin that may be required; very appropriate. Spinnaker has a nice ring to it.. Cheers :-)