I see one of the class clowns from the past (3 years ago) is still spewing his useless garage (without really saying much)..   Oceaneleven, FiddledeeDUMB and NoMONEYtalks are also still blabbering at the gums with nothing new to say.  


The bashers and clowns that have spent the last few years (days, nights, weekends and holidays) continuously spewing their garbage only have one or 2 motives.   They want your shares as cheap as they can get them.   As they have no life and no real position in AAA.  Or, they are so far underwater in all their other garbage Potash investments (WPX, FED,  PPI,  EPO) that they are trying to make AAA look bad.    Good grief.   Get a life.  

2013 is poised to be a GREAT YEAR FOR AAA. 

Happy Holiday and I will chat again in 2013.