Wounded you bring up a very good point. I find it strange that we are not seeing the share repurchase at these levels. If you we're going to buy back this is an excellent level as they are getting twice as many shares as they would have a few months back.....  With this in mind I would think that the share repurchase isn't going to happen now..... Why is that???  Do they have something else in the works??  Is it no longer needed??  Or are they now using the cash to drill out Nova. 


Did Nova approach Allana with this deal, or did Allana go after the Nova property???  Regardless I agree I think strategically its a good piece of property with the potential to double potash reserves and  the control of water that is absolutely critical for the solution mining process.  


I agree the next two months will be very interesting.... Perhaps this is why we are seeing such strong bashing as of late.