Good morning...A "what if" comment to digest. Most everyone thinks this "Nova deal" was a good move. I agree in essence, but considering the price we paid or will pay; my question is could we have acquired Nova by a straight cash deal? In short the present agreement calls for the issuance to Nova shareholders of 12mil. shares immediately and then another 37mil shares if all drilling results meet standards as stipulated. Plus we have to spend 7 million on drilling in the next year or these "bonus" shares are released anyway. So hypothetically, pick a share price of say 60 cents and apply the same equation.. an outright purchase of Nova  would cost us 30 mil with no further dilution. Minus the 7 mil short term expenditure. Now I didn't read if there is a hold period on these new shares but even so it would be irrelevant in the long term. After the BFS.... an equity raise is in the cards and Farhad is talking approx. 65/35 debt and equity. The question is what form of equity ? More shares issued at these prices would be a disaster for shareholders, in my opinion. I hope Farhad and the BODs are smart enough to know this and have some other deal in the works that is beneficial to shareholders. The decisions made the next couple of quarters are critical.