With all due respect, do you think this group would accept an .80 cent buyout?


Diana Walters
Current President/CEO of Liberty Mining and Metals, over 20 years in management positions with energy and mining companies. Ms. Diana Walters is President and CEO of Liberty Metals & Mining, LLC (LMM.) LMM is the investment arm of Liberty Mutual Insurance which will be identifying and investing in opportunities in mining and metals projects. Ms. Walters graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA and an MA in Energy and Mineral Resources.
I seriously doubt Liberty is in this game for .80 cents.  Liberty intention is to build a mine.
International Finance Corp - (World Bank group member) intention is to build a Potash mine in Ethiopia.
Next door neighbour - Yara, very serious about building a mine.
How much is Allana property(s) worth to Yara?  How much is Allana/Nova property worth to Yara?  How much is Allana worth once the BFS is released?  As F.A. said; t's all about strategics.  We shall see.