I love that map.  Thanks for posting it Bob, thank you Bob and Jeremy for your selfless support for Allana.  And anyone else who is a supporter of Allana and F.A.


Yes, you were correct, all of the good posters have been driven away by the unending bashers.  Honestly, why would the good posters want to post when they are consistently pi$$$ed on by horrible people.  It's too bad and a shame.  Sometimes free speech doesn't work, Stockhouse is the poster child.


I agree, Yara will most likely want to consolidate the basin, why wouldn't they?  Yara is surrounded by Allana.  Allana own superior properties..and water.  Once the BFS is socialized, Allana will have clarity of options going forward.  1. Do you want to build a mine and produce a very strategic potash and most likely trade at much much higher multiples?  or 2. Do you want to take a premium on current prices, but much less than if you were a producer of a strategic product in a country with built-in regional advantages with excellent metrics?


I've always believed a fair price for Allana is somewhere in the $8-$9 share range and would be disappointed with anything less.  I'm sure Farhad isn't in this for a few pennies or even a few dollars.  His approach has always been strategic and I'm impressed with his comprehensive plan.  There are only two players left in the basin and F.A. is in it to win.  So, either way, if we get bought out, we win, if we go to production, it's an even bigger win.


By the way, whenever I read a basher post, I put "it" on ignore right away, cleans the board up real nice!!  So if you're a basher, I won't see your response. Why?  Because I don't give a hoot what you have to say, because I know where this company will be in the next 6-12 months.  My 200k shares will be worth a lot more than they are today.


Have a great day!!