Ethiopia Working to Develop the Mining Sector
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 08:45
The Ethiopian Ministry of Mines is engaged in activities to ensure the development of mining and petroleum exploration investment in the country according to Sinknesh Ejjigu, Minister for Mines.

The MoM is undertaking activities to ensure that the sector grows in the current fiscal year she said in a quarterly report presented to the Natural Resource Development and Environmental Conservation Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples' Representatives.

There are plans to conduct studies to better support and coordinate the development of traditional mining as well as to facilitate for large scale mining investment project said Sinknesh. A range of programs have already been launched towards building the capacity of traditional miners and to encourage others to engage in the sector allowing women and young people to be a part of the sector she added.
The ministry is also working on solving the issue of migration of skilled human power in the mines exploration and development sector in partnership with other stakeholders explained Sinknesh.

The Ministry must find means of retaining the skilled manpower it has said Dr. Kebede Kanchula, Chairperson for the Standing Committee.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency