Despite what bob and some others would like you to believe, water will not be an issue for Yara. Don't expect that Yara will be paying Allana for water access. If the Yara lands are dry do you think that the Ethiopian government, with it's longstanding relationship with Yara, would actually deny them water from Allana's land? Of course not!!! Allana has an abundance of water. The government will make sure it is shared, at least until a pipeline is built from a nearby lake. The Ethiopian government is bending over backwards to assure that as much potash as possible comes out of the Danakhil. They want Yara to have full access to water and have as few obstacles to success as possible.
   Keep in mind that Allana is still without a mining license, the details of which will need to be hammered out with the Ethiopian government. Details such as gov't equity stake, tax breaks etc still need to be negotiated. Will Allana be in any position to say " Yara can't have our water"? I don't think so. What Yara wants Yara will get. And that will include a buyout of Allana if they see the need for it. Let's hope it's not at rock bottom prices.
Bob, if you STFUp maybe these flies you attracted to the AAA board will do the same. Your life with the new woman must be pretty boring if you need to get your jollies here.
I wonder what Allana
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will be charging Yara for the water it needs