Dennis, really, I don't wear rose-coloured glasses.


Karma's numbers have NOT been tested yet - which is my point. At least it's a base to grow on.


I know (we) are truly disappointed with the current sp but what I'm trying to do is provide some confidence in our holdings (RIGHT or WRONG).


I need to challenge the chartists (Steel & Superstar) as they are trading-centric - going for the flip - which in many ways hurts the long-term picture of Allana. This argument will always be a challenge - long-term growth or short-term gain for a junior - who is right (market sentiment - individually or generally)?

I've always believed program-trading has a definite NEGATIVE impact on investment analysis (fundamentally) - I'm "old school" - does NOT give a decent 'fair value' on future growth/prospects of the researched company. I refer back to the movies - Wall Street & its sequel - Money Never Sleeps.

Dennis, I'm with you - stay long & strong!!!