Make your own judgement on this. For me it is not good enough. Why spend a million bucks on this in hopes of reaping some elusive benefit far far off in the future. Keep in mind that we don't even have a drill program in Argentina. Who is to say that Allana will ever have a mine there? Or if Rodinia will either. At this point we have no idea if even A mine is feasible for Allana in Argentina yet the company throws a cool million at Rodinia. This is pure gambling or is it ball rubbing in the offices of Forbes and Manhattan. What kind of a company wanting to raise money for current and near term expenses goes out and makes a million dollar "investment" in a company that might go to production one day.
  Abasov says that the deal is to "augment" our own potash production in Argentina. Does anyone here believe that we will see production by AAA in Argentina in the next decade? This deal reeks to the high heavens and I don't doubt that there will be some who seek some legal action as a result. If this is legal and not considered conflict of interest then no wonder the rich get richer while the average joe just watches.
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7:29 AM (4 hours ago)
Hi Dennis,

Re: Rodinia investment we basically bought the right to Rodinia's potash production. Since we have a potash project in Argentina and Rodinia will produce potash as a by-product we will have access to their potash production to augment out own potash project in Argentina.

We did not invest in Rodinia lithium project or Rodinia shares.