thanks for the news link and map.  for me, this was the best news release in the last few years.  i'm sure everyone has noted hole 59 and the proximity to Nova.  excellent numbers.  my guess is Allana will eventually increase their pounds in the ground by at least 50% conservatively from Nova property.  karm would have to do the metrics, but will increase the npv by a minimum of 50% as well.  another guess (my opinion) is a qualified npv will be in the $3B range in less than 1 yr.

the allana dallol project - vision turned into plan is now executing on all fronts, farhad is doing what he said he would do.  let the bashers bash and the doubters doubt.  the pendulum is moving in allana's favor.  i look forward to xmas and the new year.  2013 will be allana's year.