ocean, good post. As far as Farhad's comments about BHP, he said they drilled "half a hole and it cost them 100 million, and they did hit potash" and the comment was, when your are big, everything costs more, as an example, I work for the city of hamilton and when they need stuff they have to tender it and an old guy said he could buy all the stationary supplies for 1/2 the money if he bought everything at the back to school sales, but he wasn't allowed.

In my opinion the whole talk about BHP leaving because the risk of Ethiopia, because there was no potash, or what ever the made up reason, maybe they actually are just cutting back on capital projects....."Since first announcing in May that it will hold some $80 billion on supposed programmed projects, BHP Billiton Ltd. had been in a roll on supporting that claim as it declared cancellation after cancellation of high-ticket projects."

By Esther Tanquintic-Misa | September 20, 2012 5:30 PM EST