Well you old boomers can invest in the safe 1.50ish dividend  $50 stocks that might follow the market index of a couple of percent per year since your real estate holdings went up 300%.   If you are one of these people please stop following the juniors where you can make 1000% + on your investment and go back too your 'couch potato' or 'dogs of the dow' investement strategies.  ( that goes for you as well latenight and wpf1 ).

Sask is dead really means  Sask = 'played out'  for big investment percentage gain.

My money is here because I'm either going to make 500% on my investments or I'm going to loose most of it.

Now here is the thing.  All the information on Allana is already out there.  If Allana was a dead play we would be a 5 cents right now.  We are not at 5 cents because enough people have a little faith in this play and the feasiblity is looks, well,  'feasible'.

That's my Monday rant.