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Allana Potash Corp T.AAA

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Allana Potash Corp is a mineral exploration company. It is engaged in the exploration and development of its potash assets. Its main projects include the Argentina Potash Project and Allana potash project.
Price: $0.375 | Change: $-0.005 | % Change: -1.32%
Volume: 176,171 | Day High/Low: 0.38/0.37 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.65/0.265

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RE:Come Summer Time....this pig will be in mid 20s

You our nailed it Mylar ! Mylar is one of the best posters on Alanna all-time.  EscapeArtist wrote: Don't let the volume fool you, HFTs doing a great job creating fake volume (PDumpers hard at work)  rate and reply
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Come Summer Time....this pig will be in mid 20s

Don't let the volume fool you, HFTs doing a great job creating fake volume (PDumpers hard at work)  rate and reply
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Mylar = board troll. Read it's posting history. Nuff said.

WHO BASHERS PREY UPON The Internet has lured a whole new class of investor into the market. A new investor is just that - New! This new investor, while learning the basics, is particularly...read more
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New low-cost potash mining in Africa

New low-cost potash mining in Africa Allana Potash Corporation  |  Updated: 04/07/2014 Ethiopia is fast becoming the focal point for a renaissance in African agricultural development. Allana...read more
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RE:trashy = pumper's puppet!

Well at least those delusional longs over on the other board on the other side of the river finally admit the geopolitical risk of Ethiopia anything : "quite obvious from Pat's article that he thinks...read more
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From agoralove: .... Also note that the insiders have never sold a share here... Unlike other potash juniors. Or one in particular I'm thinking of... Current insiders may not have sold a share( of...read more
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trashy = pumper's puppet!

eom  rate and reply
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Canadian junior sets sights on Africa’s first potash mine by

Canadian junior sets sights on Africa’s first potash mine by 2017 Posted on 08 April 2014. Canadian junior Allana Potash has set its sights on establishing the first potash mine in Africa in the...read more
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Bashers working overtime today! Bash baby bash!

This is how Bashers work: -They will do their best to remain anonymous or use a fake identity. -They will use about 10% fact and 90% suggestion. The carefully chosen and carefully placed facts are...read more
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Allana mentioned

L’investissement responsable jeudi, 10.04.2014 BNP Paribas. Le financement de 350 millions de dollars consenti à Endeavour Mining en 2013 a été jugé meilleur projet minier africain...read more
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RE:What did you expect $50 sp....Good Grief !

Poetic justice EscapeArtist wrote: Horrible deal with ICL(market sell off), FA playing bluff poker witha pair of dueces.(ask Bobbie how that usually ends) Isreal, Londing listing....why Ads on...read more
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RE:Same 5 losers with 5 id's starting conversations with

Chef_Rockhead, why are you here. Go back to AllGone, same as will all your money "AllGone".  rate and reply
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Many sweating bullets here

but no worries..........the sp will either finish up or down.................This will happen...mark my words.......Archive this post.........I am leaving shortly to the ECO FLEX plant to buy me some...read more
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RE:Same 5 losers with 5 id's starting conversations with

Oh why did they have to send you over eh Chief...Your such a putz.......Red Rover Red Rover I call(or wish to call) Allanahilknmoney over............at least he plays mean.....I'll never forget the...read more
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Same 5 losers with 5 id's starting conversations with

Themselves again. Dying for the agora guys to come back and play lol too funny! Nobody is worried about this play anymore except for these accumulating badgers trying to get as many cheap shares as...read more
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RE:Wish bobbles was here!

me too Mylar......I have special Easter Hunt planned for him and I would dislike it very much if he wasn't able to particpate due to him being so stubborn and PETTY :0)  rate and reply
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Wish bobbles was here!

To post a list of the big dumpers today!! Da wrongs are staggering around over on agoralove trying to figure out who was driving the bus that just hit them! But this is a great opportunity for da...read more
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RE:My posts are being deleted....

we don't call them "deleted" here on this board SS76....We refer to them a POOF, eh Humpty.........THEY must be angry............uhoh spagettio!!!!!!! we didn't do it honestly!!!!!  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Interested Lender? its called blowing smoke

Camjeregaggerobbie..............Oh Good Grief eh Justin, add the numbers up eh beemate......and I just got wind of a new 52 week low by fall...........if they plan to piece out the financing if this...read more
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RE:RE:Jeremy/StockStag, whatever your name: Daytrading

38c , THEY LOST  potashluver wrote: Congratulations to Western potash for  +12% on a day when everybody was destroyed.  I don't own a single share of WPX, but it's always good to see Saskatchewan...read more