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Allana Potash Corp T.AAA

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Allana Potash Corp is a mineral exploration company. It is engaged in the exploration and development of its potash assets. Its main projects include the Argentina Potash Project and Allana potash project.
Price: $0.38 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 351,090 | Day High/Low: 0.38/0.37 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.65/0.265

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RE:RE:Froggie... are you a dedicated pumper now that you believe..

Frogs are good swimmers !!!!!!!!! Sorry Ledrog, couldn't resist :0)  rate and reply
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RE:Correction to share price estimates

Looks a lot more realistic, Jeremy. I would only disagree with the PE ratio as I think it may be a bit on the high side.  rate and reply
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RE:Big Congrats!!!!

I'm Defiantly doing well over there. Patience pays off !!!!!!! Now just being even more patient with AAA!!  rate and reply
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RE:Froggie... are you a dedicated pumper now that you believe..

Never a pumper nor a basher....eyes open to the possibilites and the risks, the postives and negatives...not afraid or unwilling to discuss either.  rate and reply
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Correction to share price estimates

I did some corrections to the share price estimate based on the many comments I received. Changes include: - I moved production date to 2016 (based on the corporate presentation) - I added a 10% cut...read more
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Froggie... are you a dedicated pumper now that you believe..

:-) ...... why?  rate and reply
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ho hum..... krn is even worse.... .12 off 52 wk low

  rate and reply
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If by some miracle it hits $0.46 again this year

Will the CEO release a news article saying AAA has rewarded shareholders with a 20% gain and how great things are going ? Does that mean you should be averaging down now for the 12th time since the $2...read more
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RE:Where's bobbles?

where's jerebee.....I would like some insight/SCENARIO on how a potash loan would work....Fromw what I take from this article, Ethiopia gives potash resources for loans(with good interest rate) to...read more
5 stars

Where's bobbles?

Really miss him posting the lists of dumpers! If ICL put in a buyout offer today at the normal 40% premium! they would be offering 50 cents for AAA!!! Da wrongs would be devastated!  Licks could never...read more
5 stars

Da wrongs

Had to visit da wrongs today as it usually provides a few laughs. They did not fail again as bobbles posted an article outlining a Polish billionaire becoming interested in Ethiopia!!! I would expect...read more
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DaMeatGrinder Mondays...Making sausages from your money

Just ask Fert, he's willing to wait 20 years....What real investor says/thinks like this?  rate and reply
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Well its been 4 yrs now....how goes it?

Oh not bad, I'm only DOWN 78% on this AAA garbage investment. All those developments that were supposed to be the reason for holding came through. CEO should be FIRED and the whole 100% of this desert...read more
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China’s aggressive entry into African markets—highlighted by billions of dollars in investment and a $200 million “gift” to build a shiny new African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—are...read more
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Fertilizers: Producers forecast 2014 rebound

Outlook 2014: Looking forward Global growth accelerates 10:15 AM MDT | April 7, 2014 [...] Fertilizers: Producers forecast 2014 rebound Fertilizer makers are optimistic after a volatile 2013....read more
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Repost - Allana Potash Corporation Plans a New Agricultural

For those who were away last week. Although it is a promo, it is a good piece to read. press release April 7, 2014, 11:06 a.m. EDT Allana Potash Corporation Plans a New...read more
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bobby1234 wrote: This is all true, and somebody owes me $100 when I said these guys would come back with her tail between their legs no matter what, and they have.  The select few individuals are sick...read more
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RE:comparing southboulder and allana

SHAKESPEARE all4nothing wrote: I much prefer Southboulder mine in Eritrea than Allana in Ethiopia, about the some size in of resourse, but I like the way Southboulder is going about mining the...read more
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bobby1234 wrote: oceaneleven wrote: More advertising Promo stuffies as I just saw the new Stockhouse ad...........BOBEE LOST AGAIN!!!!! Yaaaaa, down with any potash from Ethiopia  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Ferti.... yep... sure you did.... you outta check out.

bobby1234 wrote: 39c in-your-face awads, in-your-face awads. as our old pal (rest his soul) would say it's happy dance time!'  Party boys, party! gaggersez wrote: Go over to Cam's house for the...read more