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Allana Potash Corp T.AAA

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Allana Potash Corp is a mineral exploration company. It is engaged in the exploration and development of its potash assets. Its main projects include the Argentina Potash Project and Allana potash project.
Price: $0.355 | Change: +$0.005 | %Change: +1.43%
Volume: 487,197 | Day High/Low: 0.365/0.35 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.58/0.265

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RE:half a million shares for half a cent?

It is pitiful if you think about it, some rejects have been here over 4 yrs all day and night since their $2.25 buy on the worst potash stock in the history of mankind, AAA. Their pump job here pays...read more
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why not invest in a safe haven with world class potash history...get in early while the stock is here.. Gensource data review shows full prairie salt thickness 2014-06-23 07:49 ET - News Release ...read more
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half a million shares for half a cent?

Yippie, who let the dogs out? Whoo Wahoo. Whole lotta pumpin for half a cent? How much you bozos get paid today?  rate and reply
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RE:Investor cube. Financial post article

Stockstag1 wrote: Highlights from the article: Allana's estimated capex costs of U.S. $642M and total opex of $125/tonne will allow the Company to deliver a high rate of return once the mine is...read more
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RE:RE:Not one of the bashers answered this...

flimflam, are you AAA longs or charter members of the " I paid too much for AAA " club!! LOL!  rate and reply
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RE:Not one of the bashers answered this...

Make that four Allana longs here .... and where do you fit in Mylar??  Which number below?? Or maybe you do own shares??? Fertiman wrote: Why bash a company and not own shares and be here day...read more
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I am impressed!! It takes 3 of you to defend against me!! Nice compliment or am I up against mental midgets? But I guess it takes 3 of you wrongs to distort the truth or at least 3 ids!!  rate and reply
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Agreed. And a bit SHORT if you know what i mean.  rate and reply
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It's pretty simple really. He's a troll and a psychopath. Stockstag1 wrote: Why do you continue to deflect your poor decisions on stocks you pick and lose your shirt on. Yet continue to post on the...read more
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Why do you continue to deflect your poor decisions on stocks you pick and lose your shirt on. Yet continue to post on the allana board when you had a chance to buy this at $0.19 but refused cuz of...read more
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Locked out due to posting DD

What a surprise...Locked out again so that I don't post these articles on Allana.....  This is why I say it a group of posters involved as only a few seem to be around when it happens... FYI The...read more
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RE:RE:lacks pumps again!!

Actually lacks, just shows you fiddling while AAA burned! You lost your retirement and any shred of credibility you had!! Sucks to be you!!  rate and reply
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Building food security in Ethiopia

Building food security in Ethiopia By Jaspreet Kindra COMMENT EMAIL PRINT EASY READ SHARE Photo: Jaspreet Kindra/IRIN Fatuma Ahmed (on the right) a...read more
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Ethiopia's bid to uproot poverty

Ethiopia's bid to uproot poverty Share41   inShare1 Email The Guardian,  Wednesday 9 July 2014 18.53 BST An...read more
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LOL - good one MyLoser. A statement about pathological coming from a MyLIAR. Now go did up some more material from the archives. And copy and paste it.  rate and reply
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RE:lacks pumps again!!

MyLOSER - why don't you take credit for the break up of European/Russia Potash cartel during 2013. You seem to think it is you that drove the prices of "all Potash" stock down to record low prices...read more
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lacksmoney has the credibility of a pathological liar!!  rate and reply
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lacks pumps again!!

lacks was pumping Cantor and the $1.15 target. Here is lacks pumping the same coverage a year and a half ago but with a $1.25 target. Obivously not all that accurate!! User avatar likesmoney 2 stars...read more
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RE:For a few laughs!

MyLOSER - great homework research. Must have taken you an hour to did that one up from the archives. MyLOSER - you sure have a lot of time into AAA for work. I hope you boss is paying you well. Maybe...read more
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For a few laughs!

lacksmoney from 2011!! look how close to reality he was!! ROTFLMAO! likesmoney 2 stars User Actions November 30, 2011 - 07:24 PM 262 Reads | Post# 19281206 Rate this post 0 stars v RE: RE: Largest...read more