When I posted my previous post, the paragraph in question was there.  Now it seems to have been removed.  Interesting.  Anyway, the point remains the same and the contents of that paragraph are transcribed below:  
"The coordination agreement also extends the governance provisions of the amended and restated framework agreement between the parties dated June 8, 2010.  As a result, the "coat-tail" provisions, the covenant of ARMZ to vote in favour of Uranium One's independent director nominees and ARMZ's obligations not to acquire additional Uranium One shares without Uranium One's consent, which would have otherwise expired this month, now remain in effect until December 4, 2013 subject to ARMZ's right to terminate the "coat-tail" and the voting covenant on 90 days' prior notice.  The coordination agreement will continue in effect unless terminated by either party effective December 4, 2013 or on any subsequent anniversary of that date."