Draxter, ordinarily I would completely agree with you.  However, in this case, ARMZ has committed to not buy UUU shares for pretty much the balance of this year without UUU's consent as part of a corporate governance agreement.  This was released to the market in  a press release dated June 4, 2012 by UUU.  I have copied what I believe to be the pertinent paragraph from that news release here:



My take on this is that ARMZ had better not be acquiring shares right now.  Against the fact that they have acquired voting rights for all shares and options held by insiders, it seems like they are, in fact, the current owners of all those securities, despite these commitments.  The point of a free market is well made, however in a free market, one must be able to make investment decisions based upon what a company publicly states with the belief that those statements are materially true.  


Can that really be said here?