@ol_griz - Holding UUU up to the deadline gives an investor a pretty respectable return but there's little advantage for a retail investor to hold through it.  A Yes vote means it's the end of the road for UUU regardless of where the broader uranium sector is at.  A No vote means UUU either loses it's market premium or advances depending on where the sector is at.  So the best an investor could do by holding through the deadline is to catch back up to the sectors advance.  

Of course there's always the possibility that ARMZ raises it's offer but that seems remote.  ARMZ already owns 51% of UUU so anybody making a competing offer would have to shell out large coin to be ARMZ's new minority shareholder.  Very unlikely so that only leaves moral suasion.  That can be important to some companies but ARMZ is looking to take a commodity company private, so what would they care if shareholders are outraged by their offer.