On this issue, I quoted the wrong page in the Arrangement Agreement document.  I apologize.  These details are in section 2.2--page 18.  To save anyone who is interested from doing more digging due to my bad, I have copied the relevant text here for you...  The bolding is mine, for emphasis.  

The description of how these Optionholders are going to be paid is in other parts of the document.


Section 2.2 Interim Order 

As soon as reasonably practicable after the date of this Agreement, but in any event 

on or before February 7, 2013, the Company shall apply in a manner reasonably acceptable 

to the Purchaser pursuant to Section 192 of the CBCA and, in cooperation with the 

Purchaser, prepare, file and diligently pursue an application for the Interim Order, which 

must provide, among other things: 

(i) for the class of persons to whom notice is to be provided in respect of the 

Arrangement and the Meeting and for the manner in which such notice is to 

be provided; 

(ii) that all Affected Securityholders as at the record date established for the 

Meeting shall be entitled to vote on the Arrangement Resolution as follows: 

(A) each Shareholder being entitled to one vote for each Common Share 

held by such Shareholder on the Arrangement Resolution; and 

(B) each Optionholder being entitled to one vote for each Common Share 

issuable upon the exercise of such Optionholder’s Options on the 

Arrangement Resolution.