I think at this point that it is getting harder and harder to separate UUU from ARMZ.  Rosatom told the Canadian marketplace that its' intent was to keep UUU as a Canadian-listed company when the pitching for a "yes" vote for 51% of the company.  They further told shareholders (in the Canadian jurisdiction) that they would not move to acquire more shares.  Well, we all know where they stand now.  And it appears to be a stark contrast, of a material nature. 


The whole Mantra deal has unfolded under, let's say, "interesting" bit of financing that could only exist under these circumstances.  But suffice it to say, this Mantra deal was done with ARMZ as the controlling shareholder.  


If Mantra really is such a bad deal, why is ARMZ not divesting itself of its' stake in UUU?  


Seems to me ARMZ will be paying for that whole pie (less the 150 million UUU has already paid) should they get UUU.


I think that some people have been calling for Canada to step in because this company is Canadian.  It is listed in Canada, under Canadian securities laws.  If Canadian laws have not been respected here, perhaps Canada should stand up and enforce them.  If anything, I think it is a regulatory issue and not a political issue.


Of course, this is all just my opinion...