of this was something the Russians never planned..lololllololll....

This development ( hopefully U3O8 goes smoking North week over week ) effectively / affectively commanding a re rise on share price.

It is why 'Harper and his Gov. ' must step up as it hurts Canada first, and free Society second. This is why, very wisely I might add, Harper et al start to impose better and contemporary rules of engagement when it comes to Canadian assets it what ever form.

As long as the World has Countries, and those Countries have varing agenda's ( sometimes Religous...sometimes Race oriented ) our leaders should not be bending over backwards to the 'powers that be' for various and sundry reasons.

( was Mulroney guilty regarding the Airbus?....was Chretien double dipping?)

Petronas...and Progress ( indicative how...I know : ) CnooC and Nexen ( indicative...I know why )

Shareholders...you better hope other Gov's and entities force U3O8 higher and to happen near term (  I am a believer ) otherwise...hmm I am thinking you just expienced an adept game of  'thimblerig'   :


or Three Card Monty ( except it is our Resources moving / and or bet and moved around )


Well who knows maybe U3O8 up tomorrow ; )

Great Great Great Hunting


Nb...let the games begin...after all Saddam bought Oil futures to pay for his attack on Kuwait ( demo in James Bonds movie ...Shorting the " airline company prior to debue launch "

Yes that was Richard Branson standing briefly in the " metal detectors"