We know that what Raymond James thinks about the take overprice &  they have bought large number of shares after the announcement & are the largest net buyer.

 This stock continues to amaze me. Logic dictates that this company will be taken over by ARMZ. Price may or may not change. It is expected the shot sellers would consider covering their position under $2.86. If the company is taken over at $2.86 then they have to pay more than the present price of $2.76. If the price is increased then even more. Based on this logic the short position should be decreasing, but the strange thing is that it has increased by 15.5 ,million shares after the announcement of takeover.

This means that the short sellers have an exposure of $74.5m at $2.76 or $77.2m at $2.86 for 27m shares shorted. Most obvious is that short position should have be reducing or total covered but it is going the other way. It appears that some are still betting that ARMZ will not be able to buy the remaining company or something really strange is going on. There are some investors that are more informed than the others. What are these short sellers up to ? 27m shares shorted worth $75m  is not pocket change.

During the last few months there have been times when the short position has been erratic. In June 7.4 short then 7.7m covered. Then in Aug 7.8 shorted & in the next reporting period 7.5m covered. Dec 10.7m shorted & then next reporting period 12.2m  covered Now we have increase of 15m when the company has being taken out. I am assuming that this reporting of short position is correct.

 There is another twist to voting. The shares that have been lent for shorting cannot vote.


There are some poster who want to know about voting. The company will issue a circular with the details & information about the deal. It will be mailed to all shareholder as on date that has yet to be determined. They will get also get a  proxy sheet which will have your number of shares & control number. This will all come in the mail. Your broker will mail  you the information. The proxy sheet will have voting options against or for. Just like annual voting for directors, auditors etc. You can mail in your vote or you can go online & vote. For a long time I have been voting online takes a few minutes. You go to the website put in your control number it give you the voting option & a few click you are done.


If you do  not receive the circular & proxy / vote then call your broker. If do to any reason the brokers are not mailing out the information they will have the name of the third party dealing with vote.

At this time record date has not been announced. There has be no circular or proxies issued. 




Short History
Symbol Report Date Volume Change % of Float
  UUU - T 2013-01-15 27,036,807 15,526,993 2.82
  UUU - T 2012-12-31 11,509,814 -12,248,393 1.20
  UUU - T 2012-12-15 23,758,207 10,799,659 2.48
  UUU - T 2012-11-30 12,958,548 -2,027,748 1.35
  UUU - T 2012-11-15 14,986,296 -1,300,110 1.57
  UUU - T 2012-10-31 16,286,406 88,651 1.70
  UUU - T 2012-10-15 16,197,755 -255,289 1.69
  UUU - T 2012-09-30 16,453,044 -467,142 1.72
  UUU - T 2012-09-15 16,920,186 7,557,310 1.77
  UUU - T 2012-08-31 9,362,876 -7,851,943 0.98
  UUU - T 2012-08-15 17,214,819 309,245 1.80
  UUU - T 2012-07-31 16,905,574 -563,037 1.77
  UUU - T 2012-07-15 17,468,611 95,791 1.82
  UUU - T 2012-06-30 17,372,820 7,916,062 1.81
  UUU - T 2012-06-15 9,456,758 -7,740,412 0.99