Hello Howdy. I have no fear of shorting as such. It is the yang and makes the circle complete. When selling at highs, 8 times out of 10, you are selling to bulls turned bear racking up short positions in preperation for the adjustment. Without the shorters, the liquidity issue would be serious. I love me a good short from time to time. Shorting at record lows and "halfway marks" does raise some questions though. In part, to the sanity of the shorting partner... It makes any rational man in the room uneasy when someone start to foam at the mouth and bark like dog. When you are standing there with your ankles exposed, you my be headed for the door!

There are a number of ways this can be interprated. Something I just recalled was that http://www.uranium.info/  reported when U3O8 was at $40 that some large quantities was sold to an investment group. It could well be more profitable for the investment group, having taken up a good short position at the right time, to sell that U3O8 at cost as opposed to waiting for spot to rise and selling product at a profit. The result could bring shares down a fair bit even with a short lived spot drop back to $40. If anyone has additional info on this transaction, it would be much appreciated. Thinking of asking http://www.uranium.info/ if they are in a position to confirm what they know.

Again everyone, this is not me trying to talk the share down. Just trying to make sense of recent developments