Don't want to discount what you guys are concerned about vis-a-vis short positions but can anyone confirm the existence of large short positions in this stock?  Could it simply be churning and tree shaking?


A few years ago, there was a large and constant short position that seemed to defy the fundamentals of the stock as well.  Many of those positions seem to have been closed in the not so recent past.  The reasons that sent the share prices of all U-related companies down could not have been predicted when those positions were taken.  


As PUNJABI has stated, there is apparently nothing wrong with the UUU story.  For a recovery story, I like it the best.  


My feeling about Kazakhstan is that, when the very ownership of UUU property was in question it looked as though there might be a theft of UUU assets by the Kazakh government.  That did not end up happening and, if anything, the Kazakh government demonstrated that they are (at least) trying to demonstrate rule of law.  That whole episode, coupled with the strong ARMZ we are partnered with makes me sleep well with Kazakh properties.   


Through the significant upheavals this stock has seen, there has always been a significant short position that has remained relatively stable.  It could be argued that an increase in the short position is due simply as a reversion to the mean.  The existence of short positions in the past has not seemed to stop UUU from running hard.


Not trying to be clever here and would appreciate any further chatter on this topic...