Just to clarify, I am bringing up this discussion in trying to understand the purpose behind the drive in shorting this stock so heavily by anon. I am not trying to talk the stock down with unfounded rumours. Like Punjabi has mentioned, the millions that anon is down on his investment has got to hurt and it is unthinkable that it was done on an ill informed whim. If he was expecting to tank the stock at 1.8 by heavy shorting, he is a fool. I am half educated, slightly above average intelligence and willing to take on more risk than most. Yet shorting at heavy volume either now or at 1.80 just seems daft unless there is a clear agenda or information in hand.

I can think of but two reasons. One, polytical/social uncertainty in country where bulk production is happening, which at this stage seems very thin, but possible. Last riots were but 6 months ago and constant reference to tensions escalating in news articles... e.g http://www.ipolitics.ca/2012/12/30/ten-wars-to-watch-in-a-dangerous-2013/ and http://www.eurasianet.org/node/66348 .

Two, and the more likely of the scenarios, a very deep pocketed group is driving the co-depandant/synchronous bull bear tug. By ensuring that the bulls have sufficient ammo (holding) in hand to drive the market higher, the develop a fruitfull environment a little down the line where they can start with earnest bear agenda and in doing so minimise the heavy outlay at the bottom end.

I am positive on the long of sector and share at the same time. Just trying to understand out loud, assuming others have the same curiosity and would join in the discussion. Also, haven't heard from LouE in a while.