Anonymous dropped a few block on the bids & then posted 50k & 100k offers on the lowest bids to put stock under pressure. When Dundee again bought some shares. Anonymous pull its offers.

The stock bounced from intra day low of $2.29 to $2.34.

So far Dundee has bought over 10 million shares at average share price of $1.86 & some one using Anonymous has shorted 10 million shares at average share price of $1.86.

Dundee has a huge profit & short seller a big loss. The short sellers may have covered some shares or maybe not. If he did cannot be very many. He is going to make attempts to push the stock down. The problem is that he would have to add more shares to the short position. Today he blinked. Though that does not mean that he has given up.

Markets are not re-acting or tanking to the Fiscal cliff deadline.

If US does go into recession due to taxation the markets cannot stay where there are today.