Dec 27, 2012

                                                            Inflatchatory pressure statement


Fed Chairman Bean Berricky


     Due to increased holiday inflatchatory stimulus due to excessive consumption, a huge increase in liquidity has occured in the intestinal markets.

I will be unable to attend further turkey market consumption meetings at this time and further direct my attentions to the porcelain bowl markets.

It was advised because of higher then normal internal inflatchitory problems which is leading to massive liquidation of intestinal markets.

The Turkey consumption market will cause further inflatchitory stimulus to occure, thus causing the FED to act by printing more paper to absorb the extra liquidity in the porcelain bowl market. 

The Ass-etts of the FED is trying to meet paper demand by printing more print pattern paper that will be used by the FED to meet this fast flowing liquidity ass-ett bowl market problem.


Bean Berricky