with the " grim grim reality " Nuclear power is the cheapest power source on the planet. This does not diminish in any way shape or form there are 'troublesom' issues ( spent fuel rods and storage ).

No Gov. ( in particular politician voted by the people into power) wants to double the 'power rate' to the individual family

(recent study by the Japanese suggests the 4 person family would pay more for power than food monthly with the complete closure of the 50 + reactors in Japan..3 under construction and 12 planned )

due the use of fossil fuels which further has its own ENVIROMENTAL issues. It is a conundrum people. We want cheap power to maintain life style choices yet we first world types not happy with the choices.

I note going into the end of Russia's HEU ( weapons grade to fuel grade ) program with the rest of the world, we have an up tick in the price of U3O8.

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