What really makes this 7 to 1 Ratio very impressive and telling, is comparing the Gold/Silver PM Stocks to The Market in general. There we have a 9 to 1 Selling..along with Consolidation Ramp UP in the PM's


Sucker Alert? Insider Selling Surges After Dow 14,000

Tuesday, 5 Feb 2013
"Insiders are waving the cautionary flag in an increasingly aggressive manner."
There have been more than nine insider sales for every one buy over the past week among NYSE stocks, according to Vickers. The last time executives sold their company's stock this aggressively was in early 2012, just before the S&P 500 went on to correct by 10 percent to its low for the year.



Insider buying of gold stocks surges to multi-year highs

Mar. 25 2013,

According to INK Research, there are now seven precious metals stocks on the TSX with insider buying for every one with selling.