Fully Diluted

J. Scott Drever, President: 2,541,226

Barney Magnusson, CFO: 2,720,727

N. Eric Fier, COO: 2,457,027

Sprott Asset Management: 8.0%

Libra Advisors: 5.4%

AGF & Wellington Mgmt: 3.0%

Independent Directors: 1,560,500



"I don't know if I would read into those dispositions too much"


I do agree...Insiders sell for different reasons...Scott, Eric, Barney et al have worked diligently over the past few years to build SilverCrest MInes into the success that it is far as i'm concerned, they deserve pocketing some extra money for their efforts...


Santa Elena expansion plans and La Joya pave the way for a very bright future for SilverCrest...Scott, Eric and Barney will still hold in excess of 2 million shares each...