From the 2010 MD&A:"Currently, the heap leach pad holds an estimated total of 555,000 tonnesof ore containing approximately 597,500 ounces of silver and 14,940 ouncesof gold that are under leach. In the first 90 days of the leach cycle forore on the pad, recovery was estimated at 25 to 30% recovery for gold and10 to 15% recovery for silver. The first ore placed on the pad has beenunder leach for approximately 200 days with estimated total recoveries of35 to 45% of the gold and 20 to 30% of the silver. The optimum recoveriesof 65 to 70% gold and 35 to 40% silver predicted by the designmetallurgical test work appear to be achievable, but final leaching timesmay extend beyond the 300 day, test work leach cycle."