Cheers, I just checked my trading activity for Silvercrest and see my first venture into svl was 08/28/03 almost  10 years ago a 50 cent pp with a warrant. Have always owned it in various amounts and at this time I am loaded to the max Would like to buy more but as it is I am already overweight.

So here is the story I was told about La Joya (remember this is a story I can't verify it, this is what I was told) La Joya had been in Goldcorp's sights for some time and the owner of the consession would not sell. The owner died and the property willed into the family estate. Silvercrest just happened to approach the siblings of the estate when they were ready to sell and made the deal. Goldcorp was a bit miffed that the property got scooped. La Joya could be big. Phase 2 drilling results will be interesting to say the least.