This was hard to cut and paste for me but its Dan Norcini indicating he really doesnt believe the fed has moved as it indicated on QE3 (which I alluded to in a prior post some time ago).  I also think the market has figured this out and is why for the first time there was no major uptrend on the announcement of QE4.  Love this stock but as far as PM's go there is alot of talk about western oil prices falling due to increased U.S. production.  Analyst see the US outproducing saudi arabia in the near future.  If the US creates the illusion (smoke and mirror) that things are back on track economically their massive deficit may be put on the back burner (and if fact it may appear that the US is heading in control of its massive deficit) which means a fall in PM prices.  Just an opinion but we know whats said of opinions (lol).   First line to the attachment can read something like "the US fed..........

plans "to boldly go where no man has gone before" and purchase each and every month, the tidy sum of $40 BILLION in US Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS ) to "aid the recovery". This was supposed to begin in September of this year and continue on out as far as the eye can see, into infinity, as my friend Jim Sinclair has stated, or until economic conditions warrant a cessation of the program.

Here is the problem however. I have been closely monitoring the balance sheet of the Fed each and every week and I simply do not see it! Take a look at the following chart I have constructed of the overall balance sheet but detailing also the sum of mortgage backed securities contained therein.



Can you see how both lines have basically flatlined since the cessation of QE2 last year? Does anyone out there see a climbing MBS line on this chart especially to the tune of $40 billion higher each month? I sure don't!
Here's a closer look at just the Mortgage Backed Securities listed on their Balance Sheet. Does anyone looking at this see any sort of SUSTAINED move upward on this graph as of yet?

By now we should have seen at the very least a jump of $40 billion for the month of October. We did get some buying seeing a jump from 835,000 to 868,069 ( a rise of $33.1 billion - less than $40 billion) but then we fell right back again. Obviously the Fed is selling some of these assets as they have been doing for some time now but in my mind, this defeats the entire reason behind an addtional stimulus effort involving $40 billion in new purchases each and every month. It may be that if this is the trend (purchase new MBS's and add to the balance sheet while selling some existing MBS's and remove those from the balance sheet) that the actual QE3 effort is going to fall short of an increase of $40 billion each and every month.

Here are the big questions which I hope someone out there who is more versed in these things than I am can answer - Where's the QE3 going? What is the Fed buying or are they even buying anything? If they are not buying, why not? If they are buying, why is the size of their balance sheet not increasing by at least the tune of $40 billion each month? How many existing MBS's already on their balance sheet prior to the onset of QE3 are they planning on selling?

this is all I could paste but it shows some concerns and questioning of qe3.  glta!