written up in latest issue of investors digest.  No price target but alot of good things said.  Related is the fact that ID has a section called backpages where co's are covered by analysts and it shows the current earnings, year projection as well as next years projection.  Its the first issue where they have next years projections.  Albeit it shows only 2 analysts covering it with one rating it a buy and one a buy/hold (so this guy isn't probably over optimistic).  Current year is .22cents.  The estimated eps for 2013 is .45 which looks pretty good to me.  I will keep the board appraised if there are any changes but this is a great little section of the digest I use to find growing companies with growing earnings whose p/e trail those earnings.  Glad to see svl fits that bill as I view those type of stox as a no brainer (but everyone gets burned every once and a while).  glta.  PS Great posts by NR and Kewl and you can include your posts on the ssl board.  Not pushing it - just saying.