The only "playing" suspect is you, playing with reality. If you think someone has been manipulating this stock keeping it down for "a long time ago" you should consider a mental health assessment in order to diagnose if your paranoid schizophrenia is treatable.

In other news this is all of significance Canaccord wrote today, most of which is probably in the quarterly.

"At Santa Elena, Silvercrest completed construction of phase II of the leach pad, which is
currently being loaded with high grade material from the open pit. Development of the
decline ramp has now advanced to 740 metres and is now approximately 50% complete.
Silvercrest plans to secure all long lead time items for the upgrade of the mill by the end of
the year, while engineering for the facility is expected to be completed in Q1/13. A
prefeasibility study for the Santa Elena underground mine and mill development is
expected in Q1 2013.
At La Joya, the phase II drill program is expected to be finished by the end of November.
At the end of Q3, the company had completed 60 core holes with an additional 20 holes
remaining to be drilled. An updated resource estimate is expected in December and results
from metallurgical test work in Q1 2013. We see the potential for the company to double
the current 101 million ounce silver-equivalent resource."