If the company comes out with some news soon regarding financing, this stock will climb, in particular if the dilution is minimal (hopefully the financing is mostly or all debt). That much should be evident. I'm very hopeful that management keeps in mind that only a small amount of (or no) dilution is what investors would like to see. Just to get some production going will put this company in another tier. There aren't many companies which live to see production, and STK has a legitimate shot at doing so, to say the least.

If the company then, while working towards production to commence in early 2013, they drill near the GTA property, this thing has the potential to be a 10-bagger from here. That's the only reason I'm here, because of the potential of this company. I also see potential for the expansion of other zones at Edwards and new discoveries there, in particular at depth. Now, let's see management make it happen.